terrain monkey mud runs

conquer YOUR terrain


signing up

What do we get at the race?
Each participant will get
  • 1 slick race with 20+ obstacles if you’re doing the 5+ mile course
  • chip timed results and access to a finisher certificate
  • free gear check during the event
  • free access for spectators to cheer you on *terrain Tucson only 1 spectator free
  • a sweet terrain event shirt
  • a finisher token that is only available after crossing YOUR finish line
  • fruit and water at the finsih
  • free showers and changing tents
  • and the most important thing…bragging rights!
There will also be a slick after party with additional food and beverages for purchase as well as our great announcer and music! And if one shirt isn’t enough, we’ll have a store packed full of shirts, long sleeve shirt, shorts, socks, flip flops, and just about everything you need for a new set of clothes since your’s are too dirty!
Do I have to race on a team?
You can race solo or with friends, it’s up to you. The advantage to running on a team is that you’ll be eligible for the best dressed team award, biggest team award, and you can save money when registering multiple people at the same time. Teammates don’t have to signup at the same time, just make sure everyone joins the team BEFORE race day. You will need a minimum of 5 teammates, and there is no maximum. We don’t have a “team price” but when buying multiple entries at one time, everyone will save! For details see the registration page for the city you want to race at.
How do I save money?
We know everyone wants to save a buck so we have several ways to make sure you get the price:
  • Sign up and share a special link we give you. After 4 people use your link, your entry is free!
  • Sign up early. You can save $25 by signing up several months before the race.
  • Sign up with friends. If you register 3 or more people at the same time, each person instantly saves. When paying for 3+ athletes, each saves $5. When paying for 5+ athletes, each saves $7. All entries must be paid for at the same time with one credit card.
  • Race as a team. When registering, create or join a team. (See details in the FAQ above.) Race morning, all teammates get a $10 gift certificate good for our merchandise at the finish line or a future race.
  • We also offer a military discount, see FAQ for details.
Is there a military discount?
Yep! All armed forces will receive a $10 gift certificate at the race. To get your $10 you need to:
  1. Pay the full price online
  2. Email or fax us a copy of your ID and make sure to include your registration number (we email this to you when you register).
  3. Once we have proof, you’ll have a $10 gift certificate waiting for you when you get your timing chip race morning!
Please note: Although we encourage everyone to race as a team, if you’re already getting a $10 military discount, we don’t allow a $5 team discount as well.
Is there a student discount?
Yep! All high school and college students will receive a $10 gift certificate at the race. To get your $10 you need to:
  1. Pay the full price online
  2. Email or fax us a copy of your ID and current school schedule, and make sure to include your terrain registration number (we email this to you when you register).
  3. Once we have proof, you’ll have a $10 gift certificate waiting for you when you get your timing chip race morning!
Please note: Although we encourage everyone to race as a team, if you’re already getting a $10 student or military discount, we don’t allow a team discount as well.
Is this a non-profit race?
Yes! In fact there are usually 3-4 local charities involved at each of our races and the proceeds go to help them out. Are you involved in a charity group and would like to get involved? Let us know!
What’s the minimum age?
Athletes must at least be 14 years old to race solo. Young athletes 9-13 years old may compete on the 3 mile course if they’re accompanied by a parent. Any athletes younger than 18 need to bring a parent or legal guardian on race day to sign a waiver. You will need an ID no matter your age to pick up your race packet. Please bring a school issued ID card if you don’t have a drivers license. Parents will need to show an ID as well when they sign a waiver for any minors. If you have a special request, please feel free to contact us.

on the course

What do I bring to the race?
  1. Government issued ID
  2. Running shoes that you don’t mind thrashing.
  3. Change of clothes, sandals and a towel are highly recommended. We will provide free gear storage so your clean clothes are ready after your shower.
  4. Money for beverages, food and some seriously awesome swag! Some venues charge for parking too.
  5. Sealable plastic bag if you want to keep keys, phone and money on you while you race.
  6. Blanket to spread out for friends and family! It’s free for them to come watch you at the finish.
Is the race timed? Are there awards?
Each race is will be chip timed. Make sure to return your chip at the finish or you’ll be charged $20. Everyone will be timed, however, if you are competitive and plan on receiving an award, you must race in the Sat 9:00am wave. By signing up for the 9:00am competitive wave you don’t have to worry about anyone on the course before you and you can go as fast as you want! The top 3 overall male and female winners and the top 3 male and female division winners will receive awards. We will also have an award for the best dressed team!
Do all teammates have to race together?
Although there is no I in team, teammates can choose different start times and different distances. The 3 mile and 5+ mile courses usually split off early on, then join back up later so you won’t be able to run the course together. The only real reason to stay together, other than the fact that you love each other, is to be eligible for our Best Dressed Team Award, you’ll need to be photographed at the finish line as a team.
Will I have to swim?
No. Any water that you may need to cross will be no more than 3’-4’ deep and will have lifeguards on duty. Duck floaties are accepted if you need them. Some venues might have slightly deeper water, but we always make it so you can get around anything that would require swimming.
What should I wear?
EVERYTHING will get muddy, so make sure you don’t wear your favorite running attire. We suggest wearing:
  • Light, quick drying running shorts and running shirt
  • Older pair of running shoes. They’ll be all muddy at the finish, and you can donate them if you wish :)
  • Socks you don’t mind throwing away (or being brown from now on)!
Sunglasses are nice, but may get lost in the mud and water. Cameras are a blast, but make sure they’re waterproof! Have a crazy costume? That’s fine, as long as your clothing does not put anyone (including yourself) in danger.
What if I get hurt on the course?
Because we know how awesome our athletes are, we do have medical teams and course personnel roaming the course at all times in addition to the medical tent at the finish line. If you do get hurt, and are around an obstacle, there will be a volunteer or a medic there that has direct communication with the event directors and we can send one of our course medical teams to your location. If you are not around an obstacle, please tell a fellow athlete to let the next obstacle volunteer or medical teams know and we’ll get help to you ASAP.
Will there be water and aid stations?
Yes, every event will have aid stations along the course with water only. You may need to bring your own energy gels and food, but water will be available every 1-2 miles on the course.
What happens if it rains?
Really? You’re worried about getting wet? Our races will continue if it’s raining, snowing, or whatever! We do everything we can to put on a race in nasty weather but if athlete safety or the venue is threatened by the weather, we may have to cancel. Sorry, there are no refunds due to weather.
How long does it take to finish?
It depends how hard core you are! Our races are 5k or 10k but are WAY more fun and will take longer than your normal race. But as a rule of thumb, add 20-30 minutes onto your normal 5k or 10k race time.

before the race

How do I train?
  1. Put your running shoes on.
  2. Get off the couch!
  3. Go out and have fun :)
No, really, our courses are designed to be easy enough for just about anyone to finish. But, we do put tons of awesome obstacles on the course. The usual pushups, sit-ups and pull-ups definitely will increase your finish time. But don’t think is too easy! We have a 5+ mile course as well that has more obstacles. If you are more of a runner, do the longer course! See the individual race page that you want to compete in as we’ve partnered with many gyms, coaches and clubs in local cities that can help you get ready to run, climb, jump, and sweat for the muddiest day of your life!
Can I change my start time?
You bet! As long as the wave isn’t full yet. Click on Login in the menu. Once you find your entry, you can update anything you need to. You can also email us and we’ll change it for you.
Can I transfer my entry?
The transfer deadline is the Thursday at 11:59pm before the race. Click the Login link on our site and you can click the green Transfer This Entry link.
Can I pickup a packet for a friend?
Unfortunately, no. This is due to insurance purposes. Every athlete must show their own photo id to pickup their packet.
Where’s the course map?
If this was a boring 5k run on city streets we’d have an actual course map. Since we have huge obstacles to setup on tiny trails, the course and obstacle placement may change. Because of this, we don’t release an official map. What we can tell you for sure is that:
  1. there will be a 3 mile and 5+ mile run
  2. we have 20+ obstacles to put out there!
  3. there’s gonna be some sweet mud!
Can I change which distance I want to run?
You bet! Click on Login in the menu. Once you find your entry, you can update anything you need to.
When is packet pickup?
At most locations we will have a Thursday and Friday packet pickup so you can get your shirt and timing chip early. You can also get your race packet race morning. Arrive one hour before your start time to allow enough time. The festival area will open at 8:00am. Packet pickup race day ends 30 minutes before the last wave. You MUST provide the following BEFORE we will release your race packet.
  • Photo ID or your race check-in sheet (will be emailed the week before the race).
  • Awesome attitude and ready for an adventure like no other!

at the finish

Are there showers?
Yep! We have showers setup at every race. They’ll most likely be cold water, outside, and designed to just rinse the mud off. Be sure to bring a towel and change of clothes. Don’t be too quick to rinse off, be proud of that caked on mud, you earned it! There will be a complimentary gear check so you don’t have to leave your clean clothes in the car. Gender specific changing tents will be by the showers. And if your shoes might look better on someone else, you can donate them to someone who needs a pair of kicks.
What kind of shirt do we get?
Most people are used to stiff bulky awkward shirts plastered with sponsor logos. Well our finishers will receive a sweet, super-soft, ring-spun cotton t-shirt. These are nice athletic fitted shirts, they’re not boxy, clunky, heavy cotton shirts. They are pre-shrunk and do have an athletic fit so order one size larger if you prefer a looser fitting shirt. We have men’s and women’s specific shirts for you to choose from. Yes they cost us more, but your accomplishment at a terrain Mud Run is worth it! If you change your mind later on, we allow you to update your shirt choice as long as it’s more than four weeks before the race. Login to our site in the menu above to update your choice.
Will there be photos of us getting crazy on the course?
You bet! Not only will we be taking photos of your bad selves along the course, but you’ll be able to purchase and download prints right from your smart phone immediately after the race. terrain is just looking to make it that much easier for you to share your awesome day with your family, your office colleagues and to challenge your couch potato friends at the next terrain!
Will there be anything to eat at the finish?
We will have water and fruit at the finish line for athletes only. There will also be food (usually pizza or burgers or pasta) and drinks for purchase. All athletes will get a voucher for a free drink, but you will want to bring extra cash for some food and more drinks.